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Fat Loss

Our goal is to teach you how to lose fat and keep it off for good. There are many diet and exercise programs available that provide great results. However, many of them are giving you a program that you cannot live by for the rest of your life. We will give you the knowledge and tools to not only lose the body-fat, but more importantly keep the fat off.

Cardio Training

Cardio is good and has it’s benefits. However, the type of cardio you do depends on your goals. Is you goal fat-loss, muscle building, sports specific, training for a race, or general cardiovascular health? There are forms of cardio that are more effective than others based on your goals. We can help you determine which form of cardio is best for you and your goals.

Body-fat Percentage Tracking

The scale is not an effective means to determine progress. By looking at a person’s body-fat percentage, we are able to see what is actually happening beneath the skin and how much fat a person is actually losing. Is that pound lost on the scale a pound of fat, a pound of muscle, or a pound of water loss? Monitoring your body-fat will help us to determine that.

Healthy Eating

Knowing what to eat, is just as important as knowing why you should eat it. Our emphasis on education and helping you understand both what you should be eating and why you should be eating it. This way you will learn a lifestyle that you can stick with forever, and not a quick-fix diet that will come and go.

Muscle Building

Muscle building is what makes the difference between “skinny” and “fit.” Increased muscle mass will help prevent injury, increases metabolism, gives a person more strength, and makes everyday loving more enjoyable. Regardless of why or how much muscle you want to gain–we can help!

Healthy Lifestyle

We will create a program that works for you and your schedule. We encourage a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of life. Eating right, and exercising is not the end goal in life. Finding a balance in life that one can maintain is of utmost for one’s success.

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