Before and After

"He who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right."


Michelle M.

File_000Michelle, lost over 25% body-fat and over 46 lbs of fat!  Check out her website for great meal ideas! 

Heather L.

fatHeather, went from 27% body-fat, to 17% body-fat!  She lost a total 13 inches, and gained 9 lbs of muscle.

Sarah R.


Sarah, has lost over 10% body-fat, and over 16 inches! Incredible work right there!

Lori B.

File_000 (1)Lori, has lost 21 lbs of fat, 22 total inches, and has gained some incredible muscle!    Her commitment and hard-work is incredible!  Awesome work, Lori!

Down 53 lbs!

File_000 (5)This awesome client lost 53 lbs and nearly 53 inches! It has been so great to see her reap the rewards of her hard work!

Amber H.

File_000 (4)Amber, has lost an amazing 47 lbs of fat, 38 inches, and has gained 7 lbs of muscle!  She is committed to her success!

Krista C.

File_000 (10)Krista, has lost over 30 lbs of fat, and 25 inches off her body!  She has worked so hard and is looking awesome!

Amber M.

Amber--Before and AfterAmber, lost over 50 lbs, over 45 inches, and gained a ton of confidence!  

Brooke B.

File_000 (2) Brooke, lost 44 lbs and 31 inches!  She has done incredible! Way to keep at it!

Nick A.

File_001 (1)Nick, lost over 37 lbs of fat, and 28 inches! He has stuck with it and the results show!

Steve T.

File_00001 Steve, dropped 30 lbs of fat and 25 inches! As an avid hunter he will now be tearing up the mountain!

Brian H.

Brian HBrian, has lost nearly 30 lbs of fat and gained 4 pounds of muscle!  Awesome work!

Amy P.

File_000 (1)Amy, has lost over 27 lbs of fat, gained nearly 10 lbs of muscle, and lost 18 inches!  She has pushed through many obstacles, and her results attest to that!

Jeff J.

File_001Jeff, has lost 30 lbs of fat, 6 inches off his stomach, 6 inches off his waist, and over 5 inches off his hips!  Awesome work!

Sparkle B.

File_001 (2)Sparkle, has dropped 11 lbs body-fat and gained 3 lbs of muscle!  She kills her workouts and has the results to show!

Mary P.

File_001 (3)Mary, has lost 37 lbs of fat, 31 inches, and has gained 4 lbs of muscle!  Incredible work!

Laurie F.

File_000 (8)Laurie, has lost over 26 lbs of fat!  She has also gained 15 lbs of muscle!

David G.

File_001 (6)David, has dropped over 14% body-fat!  He looks like a completely new person!  

Marcia W.

File_000 (6)Marcia, has lost over 25 lbs of fat and 20 inches!  She has also gained 4 lbs of muscle!

Jake S.

File_001 (5)Jake, has dropped over 7% body-fat and gained some serious muscle along the way!  

Mike L.

Mike LivingstonMike, lost 57 lbs, 14% body fat, and 32 inches off his body.  His dedication to the gym and to eating healthy has been admirable!   

Dave C.

Dave-before-and-afterDave, started at 26% body-fat, and he worked incredibly hard to get to 4% body-fat! 

Scott C.

File_000 (9)Scott, has lost 38 lbs of fat,  and 25 inches!  Scott is 62 years old and doing awesome!

Kurt W.

File_001 (4)Kurt, went from 16% body-fat, down to 7% body-fat! He did this while he was eating 2600 calories! Nice work!